Triple C Antivirus services include Antivirus solutions which provide real-time protection for critical business assets, such as personal info and payment details on the web, as well as security against malware and threats, like spam, by general scanning for detection of computer viruses and protection against their activities.

Triple C has 2 comprehensive Antivirus solutions:
  • Endpoint Protection Services – by Symantec, provide protection for critical business assets by deploying security systems against malware and threats.
  • CloudCare Services – by AVG, include Antivirus protection which enables identification and blocking of massages, viruses and malware from the computer and from the server.
* Additional information on these services can be found at the bottom of the page

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for protecting computers and servers

Online Upgrades

Technology that blocks most web threats


combination of desktop and E-mail security

Online Searching

Technology that blocks most web threats


for E-mail protection and mail screening

Additional Antivirus Services

Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection services provide protection for critical business assets by deploying security system against malware and spam. This technology is the first in the security industry which combines protection for endpoint, PC’s, laptops and servers. Using Symantec Insight technology, the software is fast and with a strong security for endpoints. The system provides your business with the following advantages:
  • Comprehensive protection – desktop security, e-mail security and data recovery in one package
  • Fastest security – rated first at scanning speed and protection, against competitors
  • Right pricing for business – simplifying of the recovery process and securing the data
  • AVG’s CloudCare services include Antivirus protection which enables identification, blocking messages, viruses and malware from both the computer and the server. AVG Antivirus services include protection and file scanning while surfing, protecting and securing applications, block hackers and examining links

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Additional Services


An SSL Certificate is the ideal solution for securing sites which maintain limited e-commerce activities

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Protection provides a full protection against the major cyber threats. this service is cloud based and provides support for Mac, Windows and smartphones.