Triple C Firewall services are divided among basic advanced and professional services, which are essentially included in any virtual machine or virtual environment in the Triple C cloud Services can be upgraded to increase the security level, whether self-managed by the client or under the management of Triple C.

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Saves Time

  • Firewall services issue a notification when there is an attempt of penetration or attack, for savings in response time
  • Firewall services include a system to prevent loss of critical data and to save time in system recovery if necessary
  • Firewall services contain content acceleration systems to reduce wait time

Saves Money

  • Firewall services include the ability for Shared Firewall protection, for savings in the cost of protection systems
  • Firewall services assure savings in the cost of recovery when there is an emergency in the working systems

Saves Resources

  • Firewall services include many systems for prevention of most Internet threats such as: AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, AntiSpam, AntiVirus and more
  • Firewall services allow the setting of limitations on resources in order to prevent exceptional  and additional expenses


Protection against network worms


Antivirus for protections against threats

Shared Firewall

Wide services protection


Protection against spyware


Antispam for E-mail protection and mail screening

Additional Firewall Services

Advanced firewall service:
  • The advanced service provides a broad protection solution to customers with cloud infrastructure services.
  • The service is meant to address by-demand opening and closing of ports, and is possible to assimilate with a wide range of the company’s cloud services. The service is provided collectively, thus providing a broad protection for systems.
  • Maximal protection for customer servers, at a 3 & 4 layer level, according to a rule set that will be determined by the customer.
  • Specific rule request on the shared firewall to maintain the maximal level of data protection.
Professional firewall service:
  • VPN - a secure connection between the cloud environment and the outside environment.
  • Traffic shaping - configuring traffic limitation according to end user or application type.
  • Intrusion prevention system - a system that prevents intrusions.
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and Anti-malware.
  • Application control - a system for identification and blocking of web-activated applications.
  • Data loss management - a solution that prevents the intentional or unintentional loss of critical commercial data.
  • Vulnerability management - command and control systems at strategic points.
  • Web filtering - filtering internet content according to built-in categories and lists (black/white).
  • Antispam - mail filtering system.
  • SSL VPN - a secure connection to the environment, using a client or via a browser.
  • Web caching & WAN optimization.

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Trend Micro Protection provides a full protection against the major cyber threats. this service is cloud based and provides support for Mac, Windows and smartphones.


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