Professional services

Triple C provides professional services in an array of products and solutions, including different IT systems, storage and backup systems, network equipment, security services, different OS, a variety of Middleware software, Hypervisors from different providers and even support in end-point stations.

These services are provided be our high level professionals and by the manufacturer standards to ensure maximum availability of our systems and enable operation regularly. Triple C has a rich and varied experience as system providers, in integration and high-technology projects as well as support for a wide variety of environments and different types of customers. This high ability and rich experience enables Triple C to become a company that provides comprehensive technological solutions that can address the customer’s needs in a professional and personal matter.
You're in safe hands!

Triple C has an ISO 9001:2015 international standard for quality management that ensures quality and proper working regulations in the management of services and products; and ISO 27001:2013 international standard for data protection management, a standard that ensures operations for organizations of varying sizes for the prevention of data leakage and combating attacks on data systems. Triple C also conforms to the new GFPR regulations. In addition, the company holds an "Essential Factory Certification", allowing Triple C to continue its work during a national emergency (war, natural disaster, etc.) and be a priority in receiving resources and grounding critical employees.
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ISO 27001

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ISO 9001

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