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Triple C Web Hosting services provide a shared site hosting environment based on Linux or Windows. The service allocates disk space according to demand on shared, dedicated Internet servers located in Triple C’s server farm, a facility that assures maximum survival and availability. The hosting infrastructure components are managed by Triple C and enable the customer to host a site at a low monthly cost and without the expense of purchasing a server, hosting and maintenance, in a variety of packages according to the volume of the site and traffic requirements. The customer has an advanced management interface that enables him to perform advanced operations on the site and track his operations, including checking account status and viewing server data (traffic efficiency, disk space and more), email management, FTP account management, backups, folder and file management, database management, statistics for analyzing site traffic, marketing tools and optimization for promoting the site in search engines and more. 

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Saves Resources

  • Web Hosting Services are included in the “Pay Per Use” model, which defines the cloud services and saves the expense of investing in superfluous resources
  • Web Hosting Services are included in Triple C’s “One Stop Shop” model, which was created to meet as many as possible of the customer’s office requirements and to save the time of setting up the services

Saves Money

  • Web Hosting Services save the expense of acquiring a dedicated or virtual server to host the site
  • Web Hosting Services save the expense of ongoing maintenance of hardware and equipment

Saves Time

  • Web Hosting Services include a simple and easy to use Internet interface that enables setting up, changing and cancellation of all services using the network, automatically and without wait time 
  • Web Hosting Services save the time of working on site optimization and promotion by issuing reports that analyze site traffic and search engine optimization 

Windows / Linux

Choice between OS for management and operations

E-mail Management

Site Host

Site host in a secure and safe environment

Statistics Analysis

Site traffic and SEO

Host Reports

View servers data and traffic 

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Additional Services

Plesk Multi Web Hosting

Triple C Plesk services provides an advanced site management system with a simple, graphic management user interface that is advanced and easy to use


Triple C domain services enable registration and search of any existing domain names in all generic domain names and the most important extensions in the world in general