WiFi as a Service

Triple C provides a WiFi as a Service solution which provides a fast WiFi using a centralized secure management system. WiFi as a Service enables businesses with limited access to resources to provide access to a fast, secure and reliable wireless network, without dedicated workers. This service allows offices to manage all wireless AP (access points) in the office from one point in a comfortable and efficient matter. This solution includes a centralized control panel that uses a controller component that can manage multiple AP's, weather they are in one office, or scattered around in different places. All elements are provided as a full service to the customer. That means you can add or remove AP's on demand.

WiFi as a service requires a preliminary site survey which includes an evaluation from experts in the field of antennas deployment. After the evaluation, Triple C deploys the necessary antennas on-site and sets off a wireless network out of the most advanced data center in Israel. The end units are spread on-site and include 4 antennas which support 2.4GHz and 5GHz and traffic encryption.

WiFi as a Service is available per use and includes a centralized management control panel with additional security services free of charge such as web filtering, antivirus, active directory, NBL services, etc. the entire content of the control panel is backed up on a daily basis, which enables recovery and restoration easily. This solution includes a custom organizational portal, with options such as referral to your home site. In addition, you can duplicate the same wireless networks in several branches, thus creating uniformity, without managing several services. This ability enables you to control and examine the wireless network of each branch individually or for all the networks, give access to users only with a password, create a mailing list from new users connecting to you network, control you bandwidth etc.
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Web Filtering

And other security services included

Firewall VDOM

Professional firewall client managed

Preliminary Site Survey

with evaluation from experts in the field

Antennas Deployment

which support 2.4GHz AND 5GHz


Included free of charge

More info:

Controller abilities:
  • Web based centralized control panel
  • Add, remove or duplicate AP's easily from any site
  • All activity is made on a different system, detached from the office
  • Manage a portal with referral to you company's website
  • Identify, manage and authorize users on your network
  • Set limits of access or speed by application identity
  • Built in Web filtering service
  • Allocate bandwidth for a specific network
  • Set limit to specific devices on your network
  • Limit users by MAC identification
Firewall VDOM abilities:
  • Site2Site VPN – 2 secure connections between cloud environment to outside
  • SSL VPN – 15 secure connections for client or web environment
  • Traffic Shaping – limit traffic by user or app type
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware & Antimalware
  • Application Control – identifies and blocks web apps
  • Data Loss Prevention – prevents precious business data loss
  • Vulnerability Management – command and control system in strategic points
  • Web Filtering – according to built-in categories and lists
  • WAN Optimization & Web Caching

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