Acronis is a Backup as a Service (BaaS) at a Pay-per-Use Module, which is meant to support big capacities. Acronis backup service supports backup from any source to local or a cloud destination and recovery to any destination and system and covers all file and Image backups of physical and virtual environments.

Local backups are often desired for a quick restore of some files, whereas an offsite copy of this data and the complete system image is required to do a full recovery of your infrastructure in case of a disaster. Acronis technology not only enables the recovery of single files, applications and system images, but also provides the ability to do universal and cross platform, bare metal recoveries from ‘physical to virtual’, ‘virtual to physical’ and ‘virtual to virtual’. Acronis Backup is a comprehensive, professional, easy-to-use and enables to manage a large number of workstations or servers from a very simple and comfortable interface.
  • Acronis Active Protection - A mechanism designed to protect the system in real-time against malware that's trying to make systemic changes. The emphasis is protection against ransomware that’s encrypting files. This said mechanism is watching and examining templates that are subjected to changes. One set of behaviors can be typical and predictable while another set can point out a hostile and suspicious process happening in the background. Active Protection observes these behaviors and compares them to "ransomware" templates. This process is especially effective against ransomware attacks, even attacks that are not yet known in the market.
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Saves Time

  • Acronis Services enable to choose the backup source (files and folders) and the restoration target for local or remote backups.
  • Acronis Services enable backup and restoration both for single files, folders and databases and for entire systems.
  • Acronis Services enable to work using an innovative, simple and easy-to-use interface, enabling a centralized management for local and cloud backup.

Saves Money

  • Acronis Services enable backup for all computing systems in the office on one platform: servers, workstations and laptops with different OS (Linux, Windows, Mac).
  • Acronis Services enable primary backup for local drive, mobility to the cloud provider and upload of the information to the local network.
  • Acronis Services enable preparation for support for Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud in order to ease the workloads.

Saves Resources

  • Acronis Services enable local backup as well as cloud backup, which grants flexible and hybrid protection for the user.
  • Acronis Services enable restoration for every possible platform, from cloud to physical servers.
  • Acronis Services support 6 virtual environments - VMware vSphere / Microsoft Hyper-V / RHEV / Linux KVM / Citrix XenServer / Oracle VM Server for maximal flexibility.

Comprehensive Backup

To all file types

Disaster Recovery

Anytime, anywhere

Safe and Reliable

With a frienfly interface


In local currency

Backup for Big Capacities

From physical and virtual environments

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