Double Internet Services

Double Internet Services, by Triple C, include internet provider and internet infrastructure in one place. As of today, Triple C takes care of all your internet demands. As part of our Double Internet Services you can customize your desirable speed which includes the internet provider and infrastructure. This service enables you to contact Triple C any time you encounter a situation, whether it is a problem with the provider or a problem with the infrastructure.
  • The packages include ASDL infrastructure and internet provider
  • You can receive a router at a price of 10 NIS per month
  • The prices are tax included

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Saves Time

  • Internet Interface - simple and easy to use, enables setting up, changing and cancelling every service via the server automatically and without waiting 
  • Ability to connect and disconnect with the press of a button and without needing to call a service representative
  • One Stop Shop - solve as many in house demands as possible and saves time

Saves Money

  • Reduced Internet costs - for all existing customers, even those who do not request for it
  • First to join the fiber optics revolution - with the aim of further reducing costs
  • First to launch Internet services - as well as its cloud services, without obligation

Saves Resources

  • Change speeds independently - change the surfing speed at any time via web interface
  • Ability to purchase with no obligation to acquire cloud services enables temporary and localized work at minimal expense
  • 3 underwater cables in Israel connect the company to the Internet and to the world



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Ability to
rent Router
at a cost of 10.00 ₪

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24*7 Support

Helpdesk available at all hours of the day

Control Panel

inspection, modification and cancellation of services at a click of a button

One Stop Shop

A veriaty of solutions for your household and business 

3 Underwater Cables

Triple C is connected to all underwater cables in the country

IP Purcahse

Ability to purchase permanent IP

Double Internet Services Packages

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Additional Services

Child Protection Services

Triple C provides "Owl" child protection services, aimed to controlling, filtering, and protecting children’s online activities around the clock

Business Internet

Triple C is a licensed (by the Ministry of Communications) Internet Service Provider that provides comprehensive solutions to connect private and business customers to the web