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Triple C makes available to its customers rooms for continued work during an emergency, which include a work environment, computer and telephony systems, Internet services and a connection on the local network to the customer's DR environment in a combination of private and public cloud computing and accompanied by professional and experienced IT personnel. Triple C provides its customers with a disaster recovery plan that enables maximum business continuity and full redundancy of the IT infrastructure.
The program includes:
  • Setting up a Standby site – which includes a replica of the infrastructure on the main site
  • Defining possible disaster scenarios – and the probability of their occurrence, while meeting the SLA metrics
  • Emergency work environment in the DataCenter facility – emergency work stations that allow the client to connect to the servers hosted in the facility. In addition, the customer will be able to receive communication, telephony, Internet, backup and telephone support services that will allow them to continue their business activities in the event of a disaster

Saves time

  • Emergency plans and drills created as part of disaster recovery plans are designed to reduce downtime in the event of an emergency
  • Work stations in case of disaster recovery are scattered at strategic points in the building for work purposes
  • Triple C's hosting facility meets the highest level of availability on the market – TIER 4 of 99.995% for maximum reduction of downtime

Saves Money

  • Activity hosting capabilities in case of business continuity in dedicated work rooms above and below ground level
  • Cloud disaster recovery services save purchase expenses and enable a monthly payment for equipment maintenance
  • Financing options and installment payments of up to 36 months in case of the need to sell computing equipment

Saves resources

  • Preparing the Triple C hosting facility for a disaster requires the purchase of operational and protective equipment that is saved from the client's expenses
  • Ability to compress servers in the cabinet to save resources with 3.5KW cabinets and up to 12KW cabinets for high density hosting
  • Possibility of management and maintenance of the servers by the Triple C team of experts

Additional services

Hosting services

Triple C's hosting services come in a variety of configurations, from a single 1U server to dedicated server cabinets with power supply adapted to the customer's needs, from 3.5KW per cabinet to 12KW for high-density hosting.


A quality and effective solution for companies that need a DR solution for the virtual client servers based on VMware infrastructures.

Storage arrays and servers

Triple C provides software-defined storage services and advanced and efficient storage solutions, as well as Intel or IBM servers for smart and efficient performance.