Triple C was born

We started our journey as a computing and integration company and most of our clients were business clients

Brand new website

Establishing a website that brings together all the information about us and our products

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Receiving the ISO 9001 standard certificate

We are ISO 9001 certified, for quality management, correct and high-quality work rules in services or products and continue to meet said standard for over 20 years

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We are moving to our permanent home in the Triple C building, located in Kiryat Matalon, Yanai Park, on Ha’sivim Street!



Establishing the server farm

Triple C is advancing to the next stage in the evolution of providing computing services – we established the first and most advanced data center in Israel for the provision of cloud computing and communication services

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Obtaining an Internet provider license

In order to provide customers with complete computing solutions with high communication capabilities, we chose to meet the requirements for an Internet provider license within the country, and we were the first Internet provider to allow independent connection or disconnection and without commitment or cancellation fees!

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Receiving the ISO 27001 standard certificate

We received certification in the 27001 standard for information security management in the organization and continue to comply with the standard for over 10 years

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Ingram Micro Award Winnings

Year after year we won the Ingram Micro awards. The Telco Disruptor award was given by Ingram Micro in 2017, the Rainmaker award was given by Ingram Micro in 2018. The two wins were Cloud Partner awards

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The first in Israel to be selected as VMware Cloud Verified

We were selected from among 4,000 global VMware partners in more than 120 countries to receive the VMware Cloud Verified badge

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The first in response and the last in number of complaints

From an inspection conducted by the Ministry of Communications throughout 2020, Triple C came out with the shortest response times in the market, with an average response time of less than a minute and a half, and the shortest amount of complaints in the communications market!

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An essential enterprise

Triple C has held the certificate of an essential enterprise for several years and during the Corona period the company holds the certificate of an essential enterprise which represents the importance of the facility and the company to the current services of the State of Israel

ISO 27001 standard certificate

Standard 27001:2013, a standard that guarantees operations of the international ISO for information security management for organizations of various sizes to prevent information leaks and combat attacks on information systems. In addition, Triple C has an essential factory permit, which authorizes continuing to work in an emergency format. The approval is valid for the operations of cloud computing services, Internet and communication, business continuity services and hosting in the data center facility, provision of computing solutions and related expert services. The company is certified according to the standard from 2011.

ISO 9001 standard certificate

The 9001:2015 standard that guarantees the management of ISO Triple C, an international standard for quality management, correct and high-quality work rules in services or products. The approval is valid for marketing, installation, maintenance and support operations for computers, software and peripherals. The company is certified according to the standard from 2000.

VMware Cloud Verified

Triple C, Israel's cloud, was selected from among 4,000 VMware global partners in more than 120 countries to receive the VMware Cloud Verified badge. Receiving this badge signifies that the Triple C facility and its services meet VMware's Software Defined Data Center definitions, which form the basis for digital transformation for any organization.

"Triple C became the fourth largest connectivity provider in Israel in less than two years by disrupting the traditional market with a unique strategy that included using out-of-the-box Odin automation capabilities." Ingram Micro

Certificate of the largest OneView project in Israel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise for the year 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the leader in the field of communications, networks and cloud solutions in this world, chose to recognize the achievements of Triple C, which is the first implementer of the Alcatel Rainbow service and for this product the company won the Best Rainbow Partner 2020 award

The Rainmaker award was given by Ingram Micro from the Cloud Partner Award field to Triple C in 2018

Company Values


courteous and efficient response to every inquiry

Information security

Information security is at the forefront of our minds and runs through our veins


every inquiry will be answered as quickly as possible, in a skilled and professional manner

Charging for additional traffic

we provide professional, tested and reliable information to the client

Coordination of expectations

we identify the problem and provide an accurate solution


we maintain a record of points for improvement and concentrate our knowledge


the customer satisfaction not an interruption during the work, but is the goal of the work


with over 30 years of experience, you always have someone to consult with