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Content Filtering Services

The Internet is an endless space rich in information, content and websites. However, without maintaining caution in this space, you can lose your way and get damaged. Surfing may expose you and your children to offensive websites and content. Triple C has been providing filtering services for websites and offensive content for a long time and is already providing its customers with a solution for filtering websites and offensive content at no additional charge to all its customers on the Internet.
According to the Communications Law, Internet providers are obligated to provide a basic protection service to Internet customers. The filtering service prevents surfing to offensive websites and filters offensive content, such as pornography, gambling, incitement and games that include violence. To activate the service, contact the Triple C support center at *6400.

NetFree filtering service from Kosher Sim

The filtering services of the NetFree association through a kosher SIM on top of Triple C services are a winning combination for maximum and high–quality blocking that complies with the strict requirements of the ultra–orthodox public and with the approval and supervision of the rabbis of all communities.
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Double protection – protection at the supplier level and the possibility of adding protection at the computer level (at no additional cost)
Human photo filtering – 24/7 human photo inspection
Personal profile – adjustment of a personal filter profile
Rabbinical supervision – NetFree is supervised by the rabbinic committees and is recommended as the best content blocking
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Information bulletin – Offensive content on the Internet

The Internet is an endless space rich in information, content and websites. However, without maintaining caution in this space, you can lose your way and get damaged. Surfing may expose you and your children to offensive websites and content. This information leaflet includes details that you can use to protect yourself and your environment and especially your children from exposure to offensive websites and web content.

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Filter settings in the equipment

Triple C provides communication equipment, which includes routers with filtering options. The routers, from the creator of TP-link, include a filtering tool controlled and managed by the customer, including a control panel and parental control. The panel makes it possible to determine permitted surfing hours and create an orderly surfing schedule. A white and black list makes it possible to create lists of sites that are safe to surf to or sites that will be blocked when they enter the list. For more information about the filtering options using the Triple C routers, contact the support center at *6400

Highlights for the Internet package

?Who's going to surf the home Internet

Usually all members of the household use the home Internet, from the small children to the parents. The Internet has different uses, and depending on your needs you can choose the surfing speed that suits you and including the most suitable Internet package for you at home. Of course, if only the children use the computer, a basic package with a reasonable browsing speed should be enough for the children and thus you can save on the monthly costs as well. On the other hand, if you work from home full time or an additional job or alternatively use the Internet on a daily basis, then you should purchase a faster home Internet package that suits your needs.

What is the monthly budget?

Of course, the price is not everything when it comes to choosing a home Internet package and the price differences may be relatively minimal between providers, but most families in Israel are in financial difficulties and therefore any savings in monthly expenses, however small, may be significant in a year or more. At Triple C you will find a variety of packages at amazing prices and you can also choose the package that best suits your budget.

Where do you live?

Depending on where you live, different communication companies offer connection to different infrastructures. Some may be faster, some slower, some prone to errors and some well built, etc. At Triple C we are connected to Bezeq's infrastructure which covers the vast majority of the territory of Israel.

Are you taking advantage of your full surfing potential?

Each region has a different infrastructure and a different physical distance from the Internet servers to which the cables are connected and therefore also a different browsing speed potential. Are you making the most of the full potential of your browsing speed? When you are looking at a home Internet provider and infrastructure, you should also verify this issue with the provider.

Do you use satellite or cable TV broadcasts?

People who use Internet-based TV services (Netflix, Cellcom TV) and other Internet-based cables should ensure fast, strong and stable home Internet.

Do you have additional requirements for Internet packages?

Please note that the Internet, television, newspapers and all media are full of different messages, promotions and even those that reach us in phone calls to offer us the best and most affordable Internet package for us. Don't let the price blind you without understanding the fine print. You want to be sure that you are getting a good price, without obligation, without fines if you want to cancel the service afterwards and of course pay attention that you get the desired browsing speed and not merely "just install an infrastructure for you with the potential for the desired browsing". That's why at Triple C, a smart Internet is an Internet that allows anyone to edit or cancel their package as they wish. How does Triple C help its customers save valuable time and money – a little about Triple C's smart Internet? Triple C offers smart Internet services to its customers. The company supports the fiber optic revolution and enables an optimal surfing experience along with lowering the prices of Internet packages. In addition, thanks to the smart Internet, each customer can choose online the most suitable package for them and change it at any time as they wish. The customers save valuable time on phone calls and save costs. There is no need to talk to customer retention representatives when you want to make a change to the package or disconnect, and everything is done quickly and conveniently through the company's website. For more details, contact us on the website or by phone and we will be happy to help you register.