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About the Service

VMware's Triple C vCloud services provide a quality and effective solution for companies that need a complex server infrastructure and strong processing power without the need to purchase servers, storage or hosting. vCloud services enable organizations to build and manage secure virtual servers with high performance, extensive computing capacity and flexible billing options.

The vCloud service in the Triple C cloud provides the customer with full control over the IT infrastructure and includes a convenient and friendly management interface that enables the creation and management of virtual machines, uploading and downloading of machines from the customer's existing infrastructure, and more. The environment allows the setting-up of private networks separated from each other for the purpose of securing the server environment.

The service allows creating a VM Template from virtual machines and duplicating it several times. This helps to create advanced test and QA environments as well as backup and production – quickly and easily.

Security and Control

Ordering computing resources in small units and ordering parts of computing unit resources allows Pay-Per-Use and the possibility of increasing and/or reduce the system resources without obligation. It is the best option for seasonal, occasional applications, short-term projects such as test and development environments, sudden increase in resource requirements, or disaster recovery. The computing resources are connected to the Israeli and global Internet backbone with large bandwidths and are backed up to provide the service in a fast, continuous and reliable manner.

Computing Resources

Triple C secures and controls the vCloud virtual data center in a private VLAN for the customer with policy-based user controls and collaborative or dedicated firewall technology as needed. Connect securely and encrypted via VPN, while defining users with different levels of access privileges. As part of Triple C's advanced connection services, you can open desired ports for servers only or choose the option of a secure connection using SSL VPN. The system operates in a Tier IV redundancy level data center and is certified by the ISO 27001-2005 information security management standard.

Innovations in the
Triple C cloud flagship – vCloud

The flagship of the cloud infrastructure – Triple C's vCloud platform (the only public cloud in Israel) is updated with a new and full visual HTML interface with new capabilities and options. The outstanding advantages of the new interface are speed of performance, shortening of processes in setting up machines, advanced display options and more. In the following article you will introduce to some of the possibilities and innovations of the updated vCloud platform.

Automation and Management

The API upgrade of the vCloud environment provides customers with a very rich environment that allows virtually every possible automated operation to be performed, both at the provider and customer level, so that any customer can automate for them, regardless of the provider.

DRaaS services under one management interface

Triple C provides DR as a service, based on VMware called vCloud Availability, which enables the replication of virtual machines on an ongoing basis in two forms, for the purpose of saving data in a remote facility and setting up servers in the event of a disaster.

Tools developed by Triple C

Exposing machine performance in a customer environment, implementing automation as per the requirements of the business side, presenting usage reports and implementing MFA – all these are just some of the applications that Triple C has developed for the new vCloud environment to improve the user experience and enable the management of the cloud system, the DR systems and the customer's OnPrem systems in one vCloud management interface.

Saves time

  • Plesk services include an easy and simple web interface that allows setting up, changing and canceling any service through the network automatically and without waiting times.
  • The company's servers are located in Israel to reduce the waiting time due to traffic and communication loads.

Saves Money

  • They make it possible to divide the processing unit into three sub-units for use in basic servers to save money.
  • They save expenses for the purchase of physical servers intended for setting up the service and performing ongoing maintenance.

Saves resources

  • They enable easy and fast transfer of resources from one server to another, without the need for an additional purchase.
  • They provide flexibility in adding and removing resources that save ongoing expenses of the service.

VMware vCloud suite

Extra Services


Triple C offers a WAF service from Radware that provides a firewall to protect Web-based websites and applications.

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Dedicated backup service

The Synology Backup Service of Triple C is a dedicated backup service for the customer installed in the Triple C facility intended for backing up large volumes

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Triple C Firewall services are offered in three configurations: basic, advanced and professional, which are basically included in every machine or virtual environment in the Triple C cloud.

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