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The services are provided by Triple C experts for these products at a high professional level and according to the manufacturers' technical standards in order to ensure maximum availability of the systems and allow the equipment to be operated on a regular basis. The company has rich and varied experience in supplying systems, carrying out integration and technology-intensive projects and providing ongoing support services to a wide variety of environments and types of customers. The high capacity and rich experience allows Triple C to be a company that provides comprehensive technological solutions that meet the customer's needs with professional, human and personal end-to-end service and response.

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Triple C has an international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015, which guarantees ongoing management, proper work rules and performing controls to receive proper and high quality services and products. The company is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which is the international standard for information security management, which provides high information security policies in various organizations to prevent information leaks, ensure the availability and integrity of information and deal with attacks on information systems. Among other things, Triple C complies with the amendment to the new Privacy Protection Law for maintaining databases at the highest level, and in addition Triple C is approved as a Vital Industry, which provides during a national emergency (war, natural disasters, etc.) support from the government offices for continued work, prioritization for receiving energy and securing critical employees to the company's facility during an emergency

Extra Services


Triple C offers a WAF service from Radware that provides a firewall to protect Web-based websites and applications.

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Dedicated backup service

The Synology Backup Service of Triple C is a dedicated backup service for the customer installed in the Triple C facility intended for backing up large volumes

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Triple C Firewall services are offered in three configurations: basic, advanced and professional, which are basically included in every machine or virtual environment in the Triple C cloud.

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