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Triple C has been certified by the Israeli Internet Association to provide registration services to users in Israel for domains with co/net/org suffixes. In addition, domains with a global COM commercial suffix can be purchased. Triple C also provides a service of transferring an existing domain and renewing it. A domain name is a unique name given to an IP address on the Internet. Its use enables it to be remembered by surfers and thus quickly and easily access the website site. The domain name consists of the chosen name and a suffix that usually indicates a domain to which the site belongs. In order to prevent a conflict between domain names with a single suffix, a registry of domain names is maintained by one body such as the Israeli Internet Association.


  • It is recommended to choose a catchy and memorable name that is easy to type.
  • It is recommended that there be compatibility between the domain name and the website's field of activity.
  • For a website in Israel, it is better to choose a relevant suffix, for example CO.IL.
  • If the name you were thinking of is unique, you should also purchase it with the COM suffix to ensure that surfers who get confused will still reach your website.

The Benefits of the Service

Saves Money

  • Domain services are provided for a one-time and uniform fee for each domain and for a fixed time frame, with the management system automatically notifying you of the closeness to the end of the subscription period

Saves time

  • Domain services include an easy and simple web interface that allows setting up, changing and canceling any service through the network automatically and without waiting times
  • Domain services enable the automatic purchase of domains if necessary

Saves resources

  • Domain services include wide domain purchase options, from domains with Israeli suffixes to domains with international suffixes
  • Domain services are included in the "one-stop-shop" model of the diverse cloud services at Triple C, which was created to provides solutions to as many office requirements as possible for the client and to save resources for setting up the services

Extra Services


Triple C offers a WAF service from Radware that provides a firewall to protect Web-based websites and applications.

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Dedicated backup service

The Synology Backup Service of Triple C is a dedicated backup service for the customer installed in the Triple C facility intended for backing up large volumes

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Triple C Firewall services are offered in three configurations: basic, advanced and professional, which are basically included in every machine or virtual environment in the Triple C cloud.

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