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Fiber – surfing at a different level

Triple C's fiber service provides you with a surfing experience at a different level with new speeds that allow you to enjoy stable and high-quality fiber Internet.
A provider and fiber infrastructure from one place allows you to contact Triple C with any problem you may have and receive a human and personal response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choose the service option that suits you

Triple C's Internet services – provider and Internet infrastructure

Fiber – Internet provider and infrastructure


For customers with an active Bezeq infrastructure

The option to add terminal equipment

The option to add an IP address

The option to add free filtering

115 Fixed price

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Fiber – Internet provider and infrastructure


For customers with an active Bezeq infrastructure

The option to add terminal equipment

The option to add an IP address

The option to add free filtering

125 Fixed price

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Home Internet highlights

The Internet makes up a significant part of all areas of our lives. It is used by us in almost everything and in every field. Due to this fact it is important to carefully choose the Internet package we use. Unfortunately, most Internet customers (since this is the majority of the population in Israel) do not understand how to correctly choose a home Internet package and the only thing they look at is the price. Without knowing, even in this, they are not always right and going with the flow brings them to a situation where they waste dozens of additional unnecessary shekels per month that they could save if they only opened their eyes a little bit. Fortunately for you, we at Triple C are here to offer you more options for choosing the right home Internet package.

The digital age and the integration of the Internet in all areas of life: The Internet, as we have already mentioned, is used by us in all areas of life. Think about this for a moment: It is used by our children to connect to social networks, YouTube and various games. It is used by us to search for information, order professionals, order products from the Internet, find out information about the treatment of various diseases that we do not know, search for recipes for the holiday dinner, search and find jobs and submit resumes, advertise second–hand products and properties (and search for such), find out information about studies, learing a certain profession or field through an online course, watching movies, listening to songs and more. Triple C Internet provides us with all the tools and information we need to improve our lives and bridge many gaps in our lives, all at the click of a button. Everyone needs Internet at home and therefore it is important to choose an Internet package that is suitable for us that balances between a good price, excellent service and a high level user experience.

Online dangers for your children can include:

A definition of offensive content is websites that include offensive content and display materials that include violence, abuse, humiliation, contempt, harassment, exploitation, incitement, threats, gambling, and materials of a sexual nature when the displayed content has no artistic, scientific, journalistic, educational, or explanatory value that justifies in the circumstances of the presentation of the matter.

  • Exposure to pornographic content, drugs, alcohol and gambling.
  • Offensive behavior online, bullying, harassment and humiliation.
  • Pedophilia, prostitution and content that includes sexual assault.
  • Exposing the computer to malware and various viruses on the network.
  • How can children be protected online and prevent harm to them

How can children be protected online and prevent harm to them?

  • First and foremost, there is no substitute for education, and even here, technology will never be able to replace parental involvement. That is why the tools and values we equip them with are of enormous importance.
  • The dangers of the Internet must be explained to your children.
  • Do not share details! Privacy and security of personal information must be maintained.
  • Make sure you are exposed to tailored content.
  • It is advisable to install protection software on the computer.

hardening search settings of search engines on the web:

It is advisable to harden the settings of the search engines on the computer used by the children:

For an explanation about blocking results of obscene content in Google – click here
To activate a 'safe search' setting in Google – click here
To activate a 'safe search' setting in Bing – click here


The Internet is an endless space rich in information, content and websites. However, without maintaining caution in this space, you can lose your way and get damaged. Surfing may expose you and your children to offensive websites and content. Triple C has been providing filtering services for websites and offensive content for a long time and is already providing its customers with a solution for filtering websites and offensive content at no additional charge to all its customers on the Internet.

According to the Communications Law, Internet providers are obligated to provide a basic protection service to Internet customers. The filtering service prevents surfing to offensive websites and filters offensive content, such as pornography, gambling, incitement and games that include violence. To activate the service, contact the Triple C support center at *6400.

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?What are optical fibers

The use of optical fibers is also common in telecommunication services such as Internet, television and telephones. Triple C uses and provides gigabit Internet speeds to users.
The optical fibers transmit the information using light beams, and they offer a higher bandwidth in downloading and uploading the information.
Computer networking is a common use case for fiber optic Internet due to the ability of fiber optics to transfer data and provide high bandwidth.
Similarly, fiber optics are often used in broadcasting and electronics to provide better connections and performance, Internet and cable television are two of the most common uses of fiber optics.
Optical fibers can be installed to support long-distance connections between computer networks in different locations. Fiber optic cables can be beneficial due to their lighter weight and smaller size.

?Why should I switch to fiber

In the past, when we all worked only with copper cables, the amount of information we could load on them was limited, whereas with optical fibers there is no limitation at all in this sense.
The transfer of information is done in a much faster way that suits the era in which we live, so it is clear why this is an option worth considering. Very soon every house in Israel is expected to have up to 30 different devices connected to the Internet at the same time. But even if you are not there yet, your devices that are simultaneously connected to the Internet, slow down the browsing speed and harm the quality of this connection load, along with the growing demand for streaming services, an increase in the number of remote workers, and more – have made the "normal" copper infrastructure slow and insufficient for many homes in Israel.
In addition, fiber optic infrastructure is also considered safer, as it makes it difficult for intentional offensive activities.

?What are the speeds available

The total 500 Mbps fiber package
Download speed: 0.01–500 Mbps | upload speed: 0.01-50Mbps

The total 1000 Mbps fiber package
Download speed: 0.01–1000Mbps | upload speed: 0.01–100Mbps

?On which infrastructure can you surf

Triple C uses Bezeq's fiber deployment infrastructure.

?Is a technician needed

A technician is needed for the installation of optical fibers, this process is carried out at a time convenient for you.

Additional Details

  • This service option is subject to general conditions for Internet services.
  • When switching to a package from another provider, you must disconnect from the provider independently. For your convenience, below is a link to a disconnect site that allows you to easily disconnect from any communication provider in Israel.
  • The prices are for customers connected to the Internet on the Bezeq infrastructure only.
  • The specified browsing rate is the maximum browsing rate (best–effort) and depends on factors over which the company has no control other than the existing infrastructure that is provided separately to the customer by the owner of the infrastructure.
  • At the end of the purchase you will receive a message with the login details and you can browse immediately after entering them in the router.
  • Delivery of a Triple C router (modem) is possible by self–collection from the company's offices in Petah Tikva or by courier at a cost of 32 NIS
  • For support or assistance in setting up the router (modem) you can call the Support Call Center at *6400
  • For the table detailing the minimum speeds – click here.