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Triple C's Data Center infrastructures are at the forefront of technology, in order to provide the client with the most advanced hosting services. Triple C holds a Vital Industry certificate.

As a leading company in the supply and integration of computing infrastructures, Triple C offers a complete hosting solution that includes:

– Assistance in planning and building the infrastructure according to the customer's needs and their installation
– The sale of the computing infrastructure to the customer in a profitable financing deal with payments spread over a period of 36 months
– Management and maintenance of the infrastructure system by the company's team of experts
– Hosting the system in the most advanced DataCenter facility in Israel

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Triple C's Data Center

What makes Triple C's facility the most advanced facility in Israel?

Saves time

  • Triple C's hosting facility meets the highest level of availability on the market – TIER 4 of 99.995% for maximum reduction of downtime
  • 24/7 support option to support system and communication faults on demand
  • The "one-stop-shop" model of the diverse cloud services at Triple C was created to solve as many office requirements as possible for the client and to save time searching and setting up the services

Saves Money

  • Financing options and installment payments spread over a period of up to 36 months in case of the need to sell equipment
  • Varied hosting capabilities from U1 to complete cabinets to reduce hosting costs to the most optimal level
  • Cloud services save software expenses and allow a small monthly payment for use with software updates included in the price of the service

Saves resources

  • Ability to compress servers in the cabinet to save resources with 3.5KW cabinets and up to 12KW cabinets for high density hosting
  • Management and maintenance of the infrastructure system by Triple C’s team of experts
  • Possibility of management and maintenance of the servers by the Triple C team of experts

Extra Services


Triple C offers a WAF service from Radware that provides a firewall to protect Web-based websites and applications.

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Dedicated backup service

The Synology Backup Service of Triple C is a dedicated backup service for the customer installed in the Triple C facility intended for backing up large volumes

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Triple C Firewall services are offered in three configurations: basic, advanced and professional, which are basically included in every machine or virtual environment in the Triple C cloud.

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