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Triple C's cloud services

Triple C, Israel's cloud, provides cloud services from the most advanced and sophisticated hosting facility in Israel. Among our services you can find: virtual environment (IaaS) on a per resources basis

  • Virtual environment (IaaS) by VMs
  • Virtual environment (IaaS) in an hourly PPU model
  • Disaster recovery services – DRaaS
  • Information protection and security services
  • Automatic backup services
  • Unified Communications and Telephony Services
  • Email services
  • Management and computing services remotely and at the customer's home
  • Remote software services
  • Hosting websites of different sizes and needs
  • Domain Name Registration Services
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Hosting Services

Triple C provides hosting services (Collocation) in a variety of configurations:

  • Hosting individual Us
  • 1/2 cabinet
  • Cabinet

The hosting can be at the company's facilities in Petah Tikva or Haifa and also enables disaster recovery solutions and business continuity solutions. All components of the services and products – including: A sophisticated hosting facility, the first public computing cloud in Israel for hybrid work, provision of communication and Internet services, rich and diverse experience in the supply, integration and service of computing and hosting infrastructures for production environments and emergency environments, enable Triple C in its activities and vision to become a company that provides comprehensive technological solutions that meet the customer's needs in service and professional, human and personal response,  from end to end.

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Communication Services

Triple C has a main ISP license in the State of Israel and has communication lines with high line volumes. In addition, the company is connected to underground cables abroad, all in order to provide the best service, whether in traffic or to customers abroad. Triple C provides communication services in the following channels:

  • Unified Communications and Telephony Services
  • Supplying metro lines and transmission to businesses
  • Domain Name Registration Services
  • Internet services for businesses
  • Wired Internet services along with cellular backup
  • Establishment of a VRF private communication network
  • Information security and protection services
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Integration services

Triple C began its journey in 1989 as a computing and integration company and today we boast over 30 years of experience in the market and rich and varied experience in supplying, integrating and servicing diverse computing infrastructures. Among our integration solutions you can find:

  • Installation and maintenance of computing infrastructure
  • Implementation and support of infrastructure systems
  • Planning, consulting and building computing solutions
  • Selling end equipment such as portable and stationary computers from the best manufacturers in the world
  • UNIX / Intel server clusters
  • High availability systems
  • Storage systems (SAN/NAS/iSCSI)
  • Backup solutions (LTO)
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