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Storage Systems and Servers

Triple C provides software–defined storage services and advanced and efficient storage solutions as well as Intel or IBM servers for smart and efficient performance.

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Business Continuity

Triple C's business continuity services include mapping processes and preparing emergency plans for the organization, preparing and ordering operations for emergency scenarios, periodic drills and experiments.

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Hosting Services

Triple C's hosting services come in a variety of configurations, from a single 1U server to dedicated server cabinets with power supply adapted to the customer's needs, from 3.5KW per cabinet to 12KW for high–density hosting.

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Expert services

Expert services for various types of computer systems, storage and backup systems, communication equipment, information security products, various operating systems, various Middleware software, Hypervisors of several types and different manufacturers and even care and support for end stations.

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Personal Computing

At Triple C you can purchase a variety of products from Lenovo, from laptops to desktops and graphic workstations, which are at the forefront of technology

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